Michael + Sara (and chocolate choo-choos)

This post is in honor of my big brother…I started writing it right after I got back to Seattle from his wedding, but am just now getting my act together to edit the photos. (Too bad I didn’t save the pound cake post for this, because it’s Michael’s favorite cake.)

In college, I would sometimes stop by my brother’s apartment in downtown Athens between classes. It was a pretty gross apartment–one that he shared with both Eric the Bodyslammer and Carson the Column Dancer at different points–but every now and then I felt generous enough to ignore the boxed wine in the refrigerator, bottles of vodka in the freezer, throwing stars sticking out of the wall, and general college-boy messiness to make him and his roommate a batch of what Michael named Chocolate Choo-Choos. One time, whatever boxed brownie mix I was using called for a couple of eggs, but Michael didn’t have any…instead of going to the store, we broke into his friend’s apartment (they lived in the same building) and took his eggs. Good times. My Aunt Mary has also been known to whip these up to share with friends.

I saw all of the aforementioned roommates/friends at Michael and Sara’s wedding in New York over Memorial Day weekend–along with a lot of other folks–and had a great time. Six days filled with lots of family, friends, good food, good drinks, dancing, and laughing…and now they’re married and living in Moscow until April! The ceremony was in Central Park, which was absolutely gorgeous!

So raise your chocolate choo-choos and toast to the happy couple!

Chocolate choo-choos

1 box brownie mix of your choice
2 huge Hershey’s bars

It’s pretty simple, folks. Make the brownie mix according to the directions on the box. Pour half of the batter into a greased pan. (I used a 9×9 pan which yielded fewer brownies than a regular pan. And by “regular,” I mean the pan I grew up making brownies in at my parents’ house.)

Break up the Hershey’s bars and layer them on top of the batter.

Pour the rest of the batter on top of that.

Bake according to the directions on the box.

The result is a delicious, rich brownie with a little surprise running through the center! I’ve also made chocolate choo-choos with Andes mints instead of Hershey’s bars. Yum.

Also, it’s snowing here!

The back door looking all snowy and festive-like. No, your eyes are not deceiving you…the entire porch is slanted at that angle.

Dad is going to be jealous of these red berries…


4 thoughts on “Michael + Sara (and chocolate choo-choos)

  1. I never knew you could use Andes mints. I can’t wait to try that! Papa got started making the pecan brittle today and is looking forward to making more with you to put on the blog. You do such a good job with this blog; well written and great photography.

  2. I find it criminal that we lived together for two years and I’ve never had these brownies. When you get back from Atlanta, we need to make them together. Capisce?

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