I’m a born-and-bred Southerner now living in Seattle. Grew up in Atlanta with South Georgia roots, spent four years in Athens, Ga., at the University of Georgia, and have worked in the communications field ever since—including stints at that bastion of life in the South, the best music publication out there, and a couple of non-profit organizations that do incredible work.

I started this blog to share and celebrate Southern cuisine. The goal is to make four or five recipes per month–a goal of which I habitually fall short. I cull them mostly from my mother’s repertoire, dishes dreamed up and/or perfected by my grandmothers and aunts (and sometimes cousins and siblings), the pages of Southern Living, and various cookbooks.

If you have any suggestions or recipes you’d like to see on here, feel free to drop me a line.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lizzie-
    This is wonderful! I will try my hardest to make the recipes that you have shared, unless I am unable to find ingredients in Switzerland!
    Happy cooking/baking!

  2. I love it. Didn’t know you were such a chef. Come to Atlanta this weekend – Aunt Susan and I are going to the Viking Cooking School. Love you.

  3. Lizzie,

    You are so creative, not to mention a great writer with a terrific sense of humor. So, I won’t be surprised if you end up writing a cookbook, having your own column or publishing your own magazine. One request, can you make up a recipe with a great name like Gladys’ Gumbo or Lurlene’s Latkes that we might enjoy?

    Love and miss you!

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