Pepper sauce


My paternal grandmother, Winnie, was a spicy woman.

Not spicy as in bad tempered, or any other negative connotation. She was spicy in the best way possible: vivacious and strong, bringing out the flavor in those around her.

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A quick hello

Sorry for the silence; I’ve been real busy taking pictures like this.

Basílica Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

I promise I’ll be back really soon with a new recipe or two!

So…it’s been awhile.

Hey y’all!

As the title of this post so obviously notes…it’s been awhile. I have some pretty good excuses, however, and my main excuse no longer applies. That’s right, I finally upgraded from my six-year-old iBook to a brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro! My old computer was so slow that I couldn’t have more than one application open without the rainbow spinning wheel of death hanging around for 10 minutes; I couldn’t import a photo or download a song without deleting something else first to make room. It was time.

Anyway, enough about technology. I only care about it because it lets me do what I want to do, which is share a stockpile of recipes with y’all. I’m working on getting everything transferred to my new computer (99.9% of which my friend Michael took care of last weekend), but I’ve still got about a year’s worth of photos to upload, edit, and make all pretty-like.

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