Lowcountry boil

Nothing says summer to me like a lowcountry boil, also known as frogmore stew.

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Chocolate chip scones

If there is a food that fully encapsulates the second semester of my sophomore year at Georgia, it is a scone. More specifically, a chocolate chip scone from Jittery Joe’s.

My good friend Kirsten and I had two back-to-back classes together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; one class was in lower PJ (I never thought the day would come where I had to hesitate to recall the name of that room), and the second was in the SLC. So we’d walk from PJ to the SLC, and well, well, well…what do you know, but we just happened to walk past the Jittery Joe’s in the SLC. Might as well get some refreshments before advertising class! Hmm, a mocha Frosty Joe and a chocolate chip scone sure would hit the spot.

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