Lowcountry boil

Nothing says summer to me like a lowcountry boil, also known as frogmore stew.

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Zucchini fritters

Fall is on the cusp of being in full swing in Seattle…the leaves at the tips of trees are beginning to yellow and red, I’ve been sleeping with the window closed, and the forecast for this week is rain and highs in the mid 50s. Every day. I have to say I’m ready for fall. It’s my favorite season; I just love being able to snuggle up with a comfy faux fur blanket (I call it The Pelt) with a hot cup of coffee and read for hours on a weekend. I’m ready for scarves, jackets, and warm comfort food.

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Plum cake, round one

One of the innumerable fantastic things about the house where I live is the plum tree in the yard. There are two, actually, and this year’s produce is a bumper crop compared to last year’s. I think they’re Italian plums—they’re egg-shaped, not round, with purple skin and a freestone seed. The side yard is littered with them, so last weekend I picked through the plums that hadn’t split open yet and looked up a few recipes.

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Key lime pie

Quick—what are your top five favorite desserts? If your list looks like mine, it says:

1. Key lime pie
2. Key lime pie
3. Peach or blackberry cobbler
4. My mom’s chocolate, coffee, and Kahlua bundt cake
5. Key lime pie

Homemade Key lime pie really impresses people, and here’s the secret…it’s embarrassingly easy to make. Like, five ingredients easy (fewer if you omit the lime zest, which I strongly discourage). But it’s SO MUCH BETTER than anything from a restaurant or the store.

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