Tomato pie

tomato pie 5

Though we’re in the last vestiges of summer here in Seattle, my tomato plants are still producing prolifically—and deliciously.
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Oyster dressing

Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, Thanksgiving (and Christmas, in my family) is utterly incomplete without it. I was never much of a dressing fan until a couple of years ago; something about the texture was unappealing, and there were far too many other dishes vying for space on my plate for me to give dressing a real chance.

Strangely, I was converted by the same dressing that’s been present at every holiday meal of my life: oyster dressing. Conventional wisdom would dictate that anyone who has problems with the texture of dressing would probably also find oysters repulsive, but I am anything but conventional. I love oysters—recently had a wonderful meal at one of the best places currently shucking them in Seattle—and I love this oyster dressing.

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Zucchini fritters

Fall is on the cusp of being in full swing in Seattle…the leaves at the tips of trees are beginning to yellow and red, I’ve been sleeping with the window closed, and the forecast for this week is rain and highs in the mid 50s. Every day. I have to say I’m ready for fall. It’s my favorite season; I just love being able to snuggle up with a comfy faux fur blanket (I call it The Pelt) with a hot cup of coffee and read for hours on a weekend. I’m ready for scarves, jackets, and warm comfort food.

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